Hey guys! It’s been a pretty long while since I’ve last updated this blog. Unfortunately I probably won’t be using this blog very much in the future (if at all) due to just the way I manage time nowdays. HOWEVER I haven’t disappeared off the face of the internet.

I have a new personal blog (linked to my other account) Will post fewer times, but also includes reblogs and my sketches and writing.

I have an Inspo Blog where most of my reblogs go nowdays

Check out my art blog too!

(and a hetalia blog for those who fancy it >vO)

So if you want to see more stuff by me. Feel free to check out those blogs.

I do have quite a few people that I haven’t followed back on my other blog that I have here, but I will probably get to that soon…just give me time.

"waifu" list. i want to make another one

"waifu" list. i want to make another one

Blurry Halloweed pics



shenanigans with friends



I’ve found a way to combat my hassle of switching accounts all the time…..I’ve change to a different browser for each account


i…should start using this blog more….

i mean…i guess once school starts that will be a NO BRAINER actually idk about this year gomen i cant have fun too busy having fun bye nerds.

one thing ill miss when school starts is walking around in the same shirt and no pants all day

you would say kojaku…kojakulates